hahahaha I love Sally ‘Spredelicious’ Subaru


Where 2 or 3 men are gathered they are bound to talk about women and cars. Some guys even name their cars after women, probably the closest they can get to their wildest fantasies. Yet again, they might as well be married to their cars because:

  • They pay dowry. Whether from the showroom, OLX or the car yard men spend quite a bit of money to acquire the love of their life (or whatever they can afford).
  • They service them often. Don’t know which is worse, an ‘unserviced’ wife or car.
  • They are factored in the monthly budget.
  • There will always be a newer model on the horizon.

It therefore follows that the ladies in their lives can be named after cars, because their traits are similar to the vehicle models.

Ma3Margarita ‘Maggie’ Ma3: Always on the move looking for passengers. You probably met her at Hoodwinked pub in Kawangware…

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