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I love the post; I remember when you came to my club to give a talk on HR and what I gathered from that helped me in securing my current job at the bank. I’ll definitely be following on your post, and it may sound cliche but the blog has a very bright future. Count on me to reblog it to my blog’s followers/readers

Njeri Mbogo

It has been exactly 466 days since I started this blog. Better late than never right? My first assignment is to write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post. Why has it taken me this long to write? I’d say it’s the fear of the uncertain but with this new year, let us throw fear out the window….to a fresh start, here goes 🙂 :

Who am I?
I’m Njeri Mbogo, also like to be called Sandie (first name Sandra), I’m a Human Resources Professional and very passionate about what I do, I like learning new things and meeting new people….the rest you will get to know along the way.

Why I am here?
I had an idea to share my experiences at work and that is why I started this blog. Part of my work includes Recruitment, where I get to sift through hundreds and sometimes…

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