I’ve always dreamt of being a country’s president, just for a couple of years. Wouldn’t last 2 minutes longer, but those would be the most dramatic 24 months in my life. History has taught me of a few leaders who really lived it up. There’s Uncle Bob, M7, Jammeh…and these are just a few of the sitting presidents in Africa.

Personally, I think they got dictatorship all wrong. On one hand, they are probably enamoured with power that “their people don’t want them to retire.” On the other hand, they act like a baby fighting tooth and nail to stay in the mother’s womb; because they don’t know how the world will treat them after they leave. Either way, it eventually becomes a burden. What’s the fun of always looking over your shoulder fearing assassination? How on earth does one constantly live in the shadow of persecution? What’s the joy…

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