Of Fallen Soldiers, Tattered skirts and bitter Women – The year that was 2014!

Ken's Chronicles

2014 is in a few days coming to a silent close. The year has been an epic one. Characterized by immense emotions, traumatizing fun and sadly at times immeasurable tears. It’s been a year of emotional turnmoil one in which standards have been constantly set left right and center. From Njoki Chege to a whole lot of Kenyans who have surprisingly realized that they deserve better from the blues.

It’s in this year that men who drive subarus together with those that live in Zimmerman, not forgetting those that attend Masaku 7s have joined the unfortunate club of losers. All thanks to a disillusioned female shacking somewhere in a dungeon in Eastlands.

It’s been an unforgettable experience for H.E since it’s in 2014 the Gambian woman realized that in the past 4 years she had been chasing ghosts in the name of evidence.


The D.P should hang on. We hope…

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