The definition of a Kenyan Citizen…

hahahahaha true definition of a Kenyan man!

Ken's Chronicles

Our comedians are lame. And by lame, I mean that although their jokes may crack up a few of ‘plastic’ Nairobi ladies, everything else about them is just nothing. Our jokes are about how that Kale, Luo or Gikuyu guy speaks or looks at life.

Just imagine this guy performing in a stage in Zibabwe and starting off this way:

“Stupit”! ” In Eltoret……”

I have come to note that we as a people have become too much of jokers that even these jobless youth have come to think that any utterance that mimics the Luo language is funny. Stereotypes have been created of the big five and anything that uplifts the status quo in comedy circles is as hilarious.

We complain too much. Nothing is ever acceptable in our eyes. What kind of people complain of how hard life is and when free things start to be given they…

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