Tale of a campus Comrade…

Ken's Chronicles

I was in campus alright but I wasn’t settled in. It has been two years now, I kept thinking.

Upon admission into campus all I ever thought of was the beautiful ladies in short skirts and tight trousers. Of the ladies that spoke the queen’s language with such fluency, you would have thought they had spent a lifetime on her land.

Constant on my mind were the ‘lands’ I would conquer, the lips I would caress and the entire weekends I would spend enjoying the warmth of another. That was the picture that had been painted on my mind from the very first instance I understood what university really meant.

Here I was all the same. Two years had gone by without even a ‘taste’. The weekends were spent either watching unrealistic Holywood gimmicks or too much engrossed in books beating assignment deadlines. It was a complete contrast of what…

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