Batter Up, Buttercup

Random Acts...

The onslaught of memories

defines moods laced with crimson

outlining a blushing bloodied mind.

Press yourself into me…

conjure your resonate tones

to enfold luxurious amenity

over a crumbling heart.

Your voice inches closer

to the center in slow strides…

I miss you each day

in Liberty.

Soft empathetic gazes

pierce the night’s poison

salvaging love’s betrayal.

In towering rises

of metropolitan lines

I become a lost senseless blur

coveting the blanket

of forged light.

Beneath the open twilight of wide

cinnamon charmed landscapes

I feel exposed

and forever…barriers the soul.

I beseech you…advance…

discover me…

with forced coercion.

I promise…to see your love…

and match.

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