Best Birthday Weekend Ever!

Last Friday, was my 24th birthday and it wasn’t really big as expected; guys in the office bought me a cake and sang for me (which is really dope). I didn’t engage in anything that day and had no plans of celebrating but one person, at the stroke of midnight, sent me the loveliest and sweetest message ever. And from that moment, my life completely changed. This one person, one year from today (and please do mark your calenders) I will be engaged to her. And it’s because of her, this past weekend was the best ever this year.



Same weekend, my friends Pithon and Gacheri (pronounced Ga-sherry) tied the knot in a very colorful wedding dubbed “Butterfly Wedding” in Embu town. Even though I got to the wedding very late, I know it was a complete success. Congratulations to the lovely couple and all the best in their marriage, am en route there also.



After the wedding, my lovely baby sister, my pals Carol and Lucy decided we should have a snack in town, at my favorite joint, Eureka Coffee Lounge. Everytime I’m there, they always having something new in the menu. This time was a delicious beef burger that was out of this world, and I just had to try it. Next week they promised to introduce pizzas…. I just love their entrepreneurial thinking, always coming up with something new for the clients. And most definitely, I’ll be there to sample.

So, let’s say a very happy birthday to myself…..


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