It seems that the 100 terrorists responsible for the recent Mandera Bus attack (the ones who were ‘firmly’ and ‘ruthlessly’ dealt with) have resurrected and murdered at least 36 more innocent souls in Mandera. As usual, those in charge of national security will hurriedly call a press conference and assure Kenyans that everything is in control. That we cannot dispute. Judging from the non-prosecution of culprits involved in the Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg and now Chickengate frauds; impunity is firmly in control.

Once again, I will be told that my security is in my hands and that I should not complain because the government has ‘prevented’ many more potential attacks. What they don’t specify is that the attacks were probably directed against the dignity of ‘influential’ members of society.

I salute the police officers and security personnel

They put their lives on the line in order to protect lives. This they diligently…

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