The Kenya Insecurity Issue: IG Kimaiyo Resigns, Lenku’s Fate Unknown!

Nothing could be as bad as waking up to terrifying news of another terror attack in Mandera, Northern Kenya by Al-Shabaab militants. This is just days after the group attacked a Nairobi-bound bus in Mandera. I guess this insecurity issue is kinda getting out of hand as our Kenyan comrades are dropping dead, faster than it takes a insecticide to kill a damn mosquito. I wish not to engage in lots of blame game but hey, someone gotta answer for it, right? The security apparatus in our country is wanting. I read in one of the dailies where a patriotic (my view he is patriotic) Kenyan is said to have informed security agents of seeing over 30 men crossing the Northern Kenya border, fully armed to the teeth but his “whistle-blowing” was ignored. Days later, scores killed, and now more people have died. From all this, whom do you blame? My guess is as right as yours.

Like other Kenyans, I’m disturbed and angry over these heinous and shameless acts of some idle boys (real men don’t kill other men over religion); and all these crazy thoughts are in my head on what drastic action should be done, but I put myself in the president’s shoes, trying to figure on the best action to take action that won’t have any collateral damage. An action such as that of the Kapedo attacks would be very appropriate; send the military to Northern Kenya, and have them flashout these bastards. In such cases, is when “shoot to kill” would really suffice but, they too are humans and should be brought forth to face justice (of which I know most Kenyans wouldn’t agree as we all are baying for their blood).


Who should take responsibility? It’s a tough question I know but someone has to answer it, and I think the President just did when he appointed Major-General (Rtd). Joseph Nkaissery as the new Interior Cabinet Secretary and accepting Inspector General of Police Kimaiyo’s resignation. My thoughts about this – pretty good move as I really believe we need some fresh breathe in those two posts as the former have really disappointed Kenyans since their appointment. More so, I love the President’s choice of new cabinet secretary – he has the necessary experience as a Rtd. military general of what needs to be done for the security sector. I believe we all remember the tenure of former Chief of Police Ali, who is a former military senior officer, that security kinda thrived at the time.


What the country needs besides the new appointments is declaration of a national day of mourning, to mourn all our comrades that have fallen to the brutal hands of these deranged animals, and a day of inter-religious prayers, to pray for our country. Kenyans should unit, just as we did with the Westgate attack, to pray for the departed and pray for our country.



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