I choose to revisit this topic because more obscene and unfortunate acts are occurring more frequently on our streets and more violent than before. Yesterday I received a very disturbing video (I wish I could post it here but I can’t. If you wish for it whatsapp me on +254704012060) and this one lady is screaming her lungs out as more than four men are forcefully stripping her naked in a matatu [public service vehicle] doing all sort of unmentionables to her private parts and it gets worse when one of the men suggests for a bottle to be brought (possibly to insert….) and the lady’s folds her legs to prevent such while begging not to bring the bottle. Watching the video gives me mixed reactions; excruciating pain in my heart wondering if that could’ve been my kid sister, any of my nieces or female cousins, or worse, my fiancee, and two, anger for the kind of cannibalistic behavior portrayed by such men.


Before Hon. Justice Njoki Ndungu was appointed to the Supreme Court, she was a woman that fiercely fought for women rights and at one time, as a nominated legislator in the Kenyan National Assembly, she forwarded a bill that sought to tame rapists by having them castrated. Well, it does sound extreme but such behaviors never existed during the times of my great ancestors but it’s only under extreme punishments that you can tame some primitive acts. I’m not sure if the Njoki Ndung’u Bill went through but it’s regrettable if it didn’t.


I’m reading my newspaper this morning and I come across my favorite column City Girl and she has highlighted two stories that are just horrifying. A 16-yr old girl in Kayole, Nairobi was sexually molested by four men in a matatu en-route to home from Church. The men threatened to rape her and then her auntie who had accompanied her. More horrifying is that one of the men is an Administration Police officer!

All these women deserve justice and I just hope our beloved government will be haste in delivering it!


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