Traditional Marriage Rites – My Bro Gets A Wife

The past weekend I travelled home to accompany my brother to his final traditional marriage rite and it was one of a kind event. Being the last marriage rite ceremony, he now had the blessings of the bride’s family to do a church wedding.

Despite living in a very modern age, some traditions can’t be swayed away that fast. The traditional marriage rite- payment of dowry, slaughtering of a male goat for the bride’s father- are still practiced to date and due to the cordial relationship I have with my father, he has always ensured I attend such ceremonies for one, to understand what will happen when I actually plan to marry, and two, what’s done in the event a man comes to the family (in this case, Magwi Clan family) and asks for any of the daughters’ hand in marriage (including my kid sister). I have gathered a lot but am yet to be allowed into the house of elders where the real deliberations for the bride are held, and I got a feeling I will be doing so soon.

To my big brother, congratulations. You’ve set the pace for the rest of us (though I ain’t planning to tie the knot soon, probably Nesh will be the one to precede you). Looking forward to the biggest wedding to ever be seen in Embu County come 2nd May 2015!!! Mark your calenders people!


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