hahaha I guess am a typical Kenyan shopper



Shopping is in our DNA. That’s because it’s a therapeutic experience savoured by the seasoned few. And it starts right at home.


In reality, this is the neighbourhood Intelligence Bureau and News Hub. The kiosk owner always knows what’s trending, and everyone’s intimate details. Anyway, when you ned a packet of milk in the morning simply walk to the shop with the urgency of an angry lady just about to catch her husband throwing out her pair of shoes. Once you get to the counter, rudely elbow anyone who got there first while shoving your note under the shopkeeper’s nose. Now that’s a grand entrance.

Ask if there is toothpaste, wheat flour, shoe polish or even a vacuum cleaner. If you’re told that they don’t stock vacuum cleaners, throw a tantrum. They should understand that vacuum cleaners are fast-moving items; despite the fact that it probably…

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