On this issue of dressing…

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I never intended to write anything about this whole #MyDressingMyChoice debate but based on how heated everything has become, let me say a word or two about this whole storm.

Let me begin by saying that anyone who strips another in broad daylight without their consent is a criminal and he/she deserves a date with Mutunga and his comrades later to be escorted and be a guest of the state in a pitless hole somewhere.

Stripping others is unimaginable, distasteful, shameless and it portrays the highest degree of hooliganimism and barbaric tendencies that have grown to threatening levels in some of our fellow countrymen.

Who defines decency? Who comes up with what’s acceptably decent for everyone? Who has the moral authority to judge others based on their choice of dressing? Is it the church? Is it the court? Is it the general society? Is it me? Is it you?


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