As I pen down my first post this week, my heart is filled with anger. The past week (s) we’ve seen the most outrageous and despicable acts happening on television screens. Some idle men (’cause that’s what they are) decided to clearly showing the ‘cannibalistic’ side by undressing a lady within Nairobi city for what they termed “indecent dressing”. Now, someone kindly explain to me like a Class Two kid what indecent dressing really is or looks like? As far as my history lessons remind me, my great-grandmother and my great-great-great-grandmother, they used to wear animal skins that above the knee and men in those days treated with utmost respect; at no one time would you find that a man had undressed a woman or even dared to rape, because that would invoke a death punishment. But in the digital era, where has all this animosity come from? Definitely not from the western culture as they’re too ‘civilized’ for this. I concur with the words of H.E Deputy President William Ruto, “men that undress women in public are no different with men that impregnate school girls“. With #MyDressMyChoice peaceful protests commence today, I hope from all this it will show our wonderful government just concerned the people are on such matters.

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