Mr. President, DO touch my girlfriend. She’s Kenyan.



An interesting episode played out at a Chicago polling station, where President Obama was casting an early vote. Though it was in jest, it uncovered the elephant in the room that no Kenyan wishes to freely discuss. First the clip:

Is the Kenyan lady really worth it?

The media is full of reports of Kenyan men fighting, killing or even committing suicide in the name of love. The question is, is the lady at the centre of the love triangle really worth it? Last I checked, Kenyan women outnumber men in the ratio 3:1. Theoretically, each man is entitled to at least 3 ladies; plenty to go around (and some do go around quite a bit). It’s time men realize that the…

Kenyan woman is very, very smart

Sometimes even too smart for her own good. She’s not with you because you’re tall, dark and handsome. She’s not with…

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