Well written. If only Kenyan ladies could be as humbling as this Indian lady and stop following whatever Njoki Chege says


imgresOnce upon a time, single Kenyan men had only one option; hook up with a Kenyan lady. And like gold or miraa, the higher the demand; the greater the cost. Today, it’s actually cheaper to buy 1/8th of an acre of land in Kitengela – or even buy a Toyota Probox – than to finance a wedding. Why would I want to spend so much on a wedding;  especially since it is a ceremony at which 2 persons undertake to become 1, 1 (the groom) undertakes to become nothing and nothing undertakes to become supportable -(Ambrose Bierce). To the typical Kenyan lady, a wedding is an excuse to show off to the world her new slave.  Fortunately, all that’s now changed; especially now that Kenyan men can have an Indian option.

Rise of the Indian lady

Yet another case of an Indian lady moving in with a hardworking…

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