Very well said. And probably you forgot, don’t be nagging!


couple black-white

I know you know that I’m married, but that doesn’t stop you from hanging out with me. You know that I know why; you need:

  1. Extra cash;
  2. Company from a mature man;
  3. Freedom from your insecure boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, I value our friendship. But our relationship’s tricky, therefore, we need to agree on some points:

No photos…EVER!

Yes, we went to Dubai together. We even managed to spend a week in Hong Kong. That ddoesn’tgive you the right to upload the photos on Instagram, facebook, twitter or even whatsapp. Remember, the internet never forgets. Those compromising photos will get us in trouble in the future. I don’t want my children to ever find out about us. Your future husband will not be very pleased if he came across those images. That also applies to our activities in between the sheets.

I’m NOT your 24/ 7 ATM

I understand…

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