Scandalous Njoki Chege.

She did it again and she ain’t sorry about it!

Ken's Chronicles


If Njoki chege only meets ‘boys’, i am tempted to ask myself to what destination all gentlemen have flown. Is it the institution of marriage? I convincingly doubt that. But nonetheless, her definition of a gentleman seems to strongly deviate from mine since the former is characterized by how much money one is willing to throw around lasses with overblown attitudes who aren’t willing to work their asses off to drive the >3 million car that they are so desperate to cruise around town in.

Opening doors over time I have come to be told is one aspect of acting a gentleman but i think the men in Njoki’s life only open house doors but not Rover doors that she so much wants opened.

From what she writes, Scandal is one TV series that she is currently watching. Does she look up to Olivia? Is that the kind of life…

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