Before traversing over 90 miles to Meru seven months ago, I never counted myself as ardent listener of radio, considering I had a television set and tonnes of movies to watch back home, but being here all this while, radio has been my favorite and most-entertaining companion. And I found this particular station which is quite rare to listen to back home (unless online) which I have come to love, Capital Fm. Considering my tight work schedule, I only get to listen to this particular station in the morning and the evening after work. As it is the adage, I tune to my favorite radio station and it hits me – it’s the Midweek Party! In simpler terms, it’s show hosted every Wednesday morning by King of All Deejays, Deejay Joe Mfalme and radio hosts Maqbul and Renee that seeks to bring on the party mood to all ardent listeners of the show in the morning, and probably deter some few guys from skipping the office in the morning. Today’s show was just over the roof, so good that the show just had to trend on social media. How awesome can this get! So if next Wednesday you’d love to have a dose of my favorite deejay’s, Deejay Joe Mfalme, mixxes during the show, just click here or go to his homepage http://deejayjoemfalme.com 

Pics: Courtesy of www.veooz.com 

The MidweekParty Crew- Renee, Maqbul & Deejay Joe Mfalme
The MidweekParty Crew- Renee, Maqbul & Deejay Joe Mfalme


















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