Eureka Coffee Lounge

Despite being in Meru, tirelessly working in order to make a honest living for myself (and probably my family-to-be), I just can’t help finding myself travelling to Embu practically every single weekend for the last one month and there are many reasons to this, one being this new joint in town that has people going there in their droves to just have a piece of this place, which mind you, is so far the best thing that has happened to Embu (amongst other things) despite the bad publicity the small town has received this year.

On this particular day, I’m with my buddy Carol at the cafe and we ask for milkshakes, and the hostess recommends the Oreo Milkshake, a completely new flavor they had introduced that very day. I become anxious, wanting to know how this Oreo Milkshake looks like. To my amusement, it’s actually the Oreo (as the Oreo biscuit) but blended into a milkshake. The sweetness oozing out from this chocolate-looking milkshake is simply heavenly, leaving me loathing in pain, resultant from a sweet tooth. It’s one drink I HIGHLY recommend for any to have, if you happen to pass by Eureka Coffee Lounge.


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