Timau: Out of This World

My November seems to be rolling out pretty well with activities coming up the last two weekends. This past weekend turned out to be a memorable as I embarked on a road trip, approximately 50 KM from Meru to a small town called Timau. We branched off slightly 1 KM before Timau to an all-weather road which was dilapidated probably due to the on-going rains (that fortunately didn’t descend upon us during the entire road trip). We travelled more than 10 Km in road to an area called Emoloi (according to what I heard) which had the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Stretches upon stretches of wheat-cultivated land, which on that day, were for sale at Kshs.450,000 (approx $5000) per 1/4 acre. This is a pretty good deal considering the cool atmosphere the region enjoys and its best fit for real estate development. The company, Property Reality Company (PRC) had organized an open day for potential buyers of the plots and by the time I left, more than 90% of the plots had been sold. Talk of great demand. If you’re interested on other properties the company may be selling click here or contact Dinah Kathambi (Relationship Manager) on dinah.kathambi@prc.co.ke

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