Never Ignore Social Media

At times I try imagining how the world would be like without social media. Would information be disseminated as fast as it is right now? HELL NO! I and so is everyone has seen how social media has made it possible for information to be passed from one medium to another very quickly and in a manner understandable by everyone. Numerous events across the world became known on the other side of the world all thanks to social media. Before (I believe), one would wait to tune in to CNN, BBC or Al Jazeera to get the latest in world events but today, some of these events get half across the globe even before they hit some of these international news agency. One year ago today, we had the worst terror attack in Kenya – the Westgate attack. News of those attacks spread quickly via Twitter & Facebook, way before local news channels and security personnel got to the ground. During that horrifying incidence, the world kept tabs on what was happening in the posh Westlands estate via social media through the hashtag #WeAreOne that was on top ten world trends for more than two weeks.


On a slightly less serious incident, yesterday as I was perusing one of my social media platforms, I came across a story that left me ashamed, angry and disappointed – all rounded into one. A young lad in Mbeere South district, Embu County had been knocked down by a vehicle and he was rushed to the Embu Provincial General Hospital. As we’d all expect in such an incidence, first aid is administered and getting wheeled into the mini-theater. But this wasn’t so. The staff refused to tend to him until his parents first paid upfront the registration fees (I believe this to be the doctor’s consultation fee and medical card fee). Who in the hell does this? Is this where we are heading to? Some people  would have blamed the Government for such but I don’t. I blame the personnel whom I deem unfit to be called nurses nor even serve in a health facility. Why are people so inhuman? Thank God for Hon. Raymond who, like me, got wind of the story via the social media, and intervened. I did promise to him that I would let this issue go and I will, but they can’t be let off the hook that easily. One thing about social media is we get to undress all social evils in public and this is stripping naked a bad deed! Do take a look at the pictures below and you’ll be left dumbfounded as I was (and probably angry).




The young lad is laid on the bench awaiting medical attention yet all those nurses are there watching tv “SHAME”
The young lad is wheeled in by his parents into the Outpatient wing of the hospital
The young lad is laid on the bench awaiting medical attention yet all those nurses are there watching tv “SHAME”
The young lad is laid on the bench awaiting medical attention yet all those nurses are there watching tv “SHAME”

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