Curiosity or Utter Stupidity

I believe we all remember the Molo incident on 31st January where more than 113 Kenyans died as they were trying to salvage the remnants of overturned oil tanker. The oil spill ignited and kaput! FIRE!!! We still remember the incident with great sorrow (and offer my condolence to the families) but it begs the question, was out of curiosity or being plain stupid?

A near similar incident occurred yesterday in this beautiful town of Meru, around mid-afternoon. An armed robbery had taken place near Uchumi Supermarket and the suspects shot in the air to disperse the crowd. The crowd did disperse (and quickly) but more quickly they ran back to the same location to have a view of what was happening. At the time am on my desk watching all this hullabaloo and am asking myself, what if it was a gun shoot-out between the cops and the robbers, or even worse, a grenade is hulled into the crowd. I dare not imagine of the fatalities. Then I still beg to ask, is this a case of being too curious or just too stupid?

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