Country of Last Minutes….

I am proudly Kenyan, more proud to be coded #254 but there’s one trait in us, which at one time is really irritating and some other time, really funny. Kenyans are LAST MINUTE people, I included. In my work, I’ve seen this a countless times. My branch opens up at 8:30am, all through upto around midday we get one or two clients but as it gets to quarter to closing time, that’s when we get an influx of clients, all hurrying up to deposit or withdraw some cash. One particular “Last Minute” incident that totally irritated me was these two ladies who decided to sit at the far end corner of the banking hall, probably waiting for the long queue to diminish and when it was quarter past four, they hurriedly come to my desk saying they want to open an account? REALLY??????! It was so infuriating but I had to open those two accounts. It is such these last minute traits that tend to land us in huge problems especially as a country. We really had to wait the last minute for us to do something with Harambee Stars. I ain’t much of a football fun but being bundled out by Lesotho, it’s a SHAME!!! My take on local football, lets forget these foreign guys, the solution is on our local coaches. Pay them as the foreign coaches and you’ll just see a turnaround on that…


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