Passionate About Rotary (Rotaract)

In my 23-years, apart from Scouting, there’s no other membership I’ve ever been so passionate about than Rotary. I’m a proud and charter Rotaractor of one of the most vibrant, coolest clubs in the #254 called Rotaract Club of Embu and through it I have seen a whole new meaning of serving the community – am more passionate than ever to serve the community. But more so, I’ve made a whole lot of new friends, both here in Kenya and across the globe. I can admit, 85% of my friends are Rotaractors more so on social media (Twitter and WordPress).

Besides having fun, Rotaractor is about professional development, bringing up a future world leader in an individual and serving others above self. These are features I’m too familiar with as am being professional developed (I believe I got my current job partly because of being a Rotaractor), am a leader in my club (I was voted in for a second term in my post as International Service Director) and am always serving the community around me.

My club has undertaken a community project whereby we are helping improve the livelihood of physically disabled children of Jomo Kenyatta Home, Embu. The young kids live in a very poor state; the sanitation is not well-off, they lack a playing ground and inadequate supply of fuel (more so firewood). My club intends to install a bio-digester for the home, which will go a long way in improving the sanitation system of the home which is constantly blocked and also Photo2573provide adequate fuel for use by the home; but this is a long-term project. Improving the home step by step. For starters, in the next two months, members will be donating school uniforms, books to the children to enable swift and comfortable learning. Personally, am passionate about this project and I’m always talking to friends, family and colleagues to try and chip in support of the project. You too can support us, either in monetary or material terms (books, toys, uniforms, shoes). And am sure you’ll be putting a smile on these lovely angels.





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