My Job-Service Delivery Officer (Customer Service)

On this rather chilly morning, I want to talk my current job – Service Delivery Officer, commonly known as Customer Care.

I’m a Ser5769183~122ebee58d6b82e30305569c49382b04d4705d96-stocklargevice Delivery Officer (SDO) with K-rep Bank Limited attached to Meru Branch and I’ve been here since April this year. At first, I wasn’t that comfortable at my job especially being in a very new place where I hardly know anyone; but with time I have been able to settle down, made some friends and more so, experienced some really touching moments that just make me love my job more than before.

  • An Elderly Man Finds Happiness Despite Injustice

This one time an elderly man came to my desk and gave me this sad story of how he was dubbed by a member of his group to take up a loan, give him a certain portion of money to him as some kind of fee (which I still don’t understand why to this day). The old man did take up the loan as he wanted to educate his young children (or grandchildren am not sure) and he did clear the loan. So on this particular day, he wanted to know how much money is left in the account and I told what’s there he couldn’t even withdraw bus fare home. He started crying and I felt ashamed to see an old man cry (a traditionalist part of me believes its wrong to see an old man cry). I took him to another room and best advice him to close the account, get the balance and come back the following day to open a new account. Those news brightened him and once he had that cash in his hand, he had this enormous smile spreading from ear to ear. Now that is my happiness.

  • A Blind Lady Gets Her Money Instant

A few days ago, a blind old lady and her sister visited my desk inquiring on the world-renowned money transfer service Western Union and since they are new to the service, they needed a step-by-step guide of accessing that cash that would be sent to them from a friend in some distant land. I took them through the steps and what would be required of them once they were in receipt of that money. Yesterday, the blind lady’s sister came again wanting to withdraw but missed one of the requirement. Desperate as she was, I directed her to another Bank that didn’t necessarily require that ‘requirement’ and half an hour later, she came, a glow in her eyes and a smile pasted on her lips, offering me ’60 bob’ as appreciation… I declined for it my job to serve and more so, my happiness.

These two occurrences and many others shaped my perception of my job and made me to appreciate more my work and the importance it holds in any organization. I won’t state what my specific responsibilities are but I can tell, an glad am now here…. customer care quotes


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