Teenage Sex: Are Condoms The Real Solution?

I would like to weigh in on this rather controversial issue of “Issuance of condoms in our secondary & primary schools” First of all, I think we got to ask ourselves, can teenage sex be averted through giving these kids condoms? My opinion, it won’t. I’m a trained peer educator and one thing I do know is that, giving these young kids condoms you’re actually encouraging them to have sex.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

We got to all agree young kids can be very curious, giving them a pack of condoms, one thing s/he will curious to know how it worn, should the penis be erect or not, how do you make it erect, where do you insert it….etc. All these are questions these young lads and lasses ask themselves and without knowing, virginity is down the drain… Teenage sex is a huge issue especially in this modern day world with increasing teenage pregnancies and abortions.

Solution – The Way I See It

I’m a very straight-forward guy – INTRODUCE SEX EDUCATION right from primary school. If you instill the right morals to the kids while they are young, that teenage sex has bad repercussions in future, these children will avoid it like a plague. For example, tell a young toddler that a roach “dudu” is bad, that kid will grow up fearing roaches and avoiding them. Talking about sex with a young child is the best solution to teenage sex and with that we’ll be following the ABCs of sex; A – Abstinence B-Be Faithful & C- Condom Use where in this case, Abstinence is the ideal solution


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  1. johncoyote says:

    Education, education and more education. I was honest with my kids. They did okay. Safety is good. Knowing what is right and wrong is more important. A wide open topic with many answers.


    1. victormuto says:

      I totally agree with you; education if done early is the best way. I’m glad you took the initiative to tell them early


      1. johncoyote says:

        When I was a kid. Teacher made a chart. He added lovers to each contact. He told us kids. Every contact you do. Their intercourse with every person the lover had. You gain their sickness if they had something. This was enough for the most of us to know. Sex is dangerous. HIV is one of many sicknesses.Need proper education.


        1. victormuto says:

          and now out of you being taught at an early age, you made responsible decisions in life


          1. johncoyote says:

            Yes. Sometime scaring the kid to wisdom does work.


          2. victormuto says:



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