My Thoughts..

If there’s one day in the week I’ve come to dislike is Sunday; it brings with it lots of boredom and idleness “kukosa mpango”. So, last Sunday was no different but I decided to take things into my own hands, I woke up in the morning, called up my aunt and booked a lunch date with her in Runyenjes town, some 80km from Meru.

On the way, I got to ponder on a lot of things:-

Still in thought...
Still in thought…


One of the many things impending development in our beautiful country is Tribalism and it’s such a painful sticky thorn in the foot. On the journey, I have to cross two counties to get to my destination, i.e. Meru and Tharaka-Nithi counties. On reaching Marima (as you begin the dreaded Great Decent – Nithi Bridge), I had some local folks communicating in the Embu dialect (language of the Embu people) and I could comprehend they were talking on some business deal gone really good (don’t ask me what it was) and I thought to myself; Marima is originally a Meru land but we have the Embu and Meru people leaving

Now typing the story..
Now typing the story..

and communicating in total harmony, and it’s my belief there are other tribes living in the same area. Starting on the Great Decent (at a speed of 20kph-recommended for this stretch of road) I thought to myself, ages ago, the two communities I know did fight and the Nithi River was somewhat kind of boundary demarcating the land between the two groups, but in this modern age, we have the two tribes living so well with each other and even intermarrying. My question is this, if such a harmony exists for that long time, why can’t all the 42 tribes unite in same manner and forget the language they speak, and speak one language we all understand – KENYAN


Youth and Drugs

On my way back to Meru, I got to meet a group of young men who were around the average age of 17 years, seated by the roadside and sharing a puff. I assumed these guys are still in high school and here they were, smoking their life out. I wouldn’t want to say much about this but just one thing, they wasting their life and only God here can intervene…



In order to get rid of tribalism in Kenya, we don’t need to wait for our political leaders to start but its us ourselves. We have get out the mindset we have that we are forty-two tribes, #WeAreOne IT STARTS WITH YOU AND ME


#NoToTribalism #TribesKenya #WeAreOne

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