Guys and Dating

Over the years I have learnt a lot from dating, actually lessons I learn every time I go through a heartbreak. One general thing that comes out is that women expect a lot of things from men when it comes to being in a relationship; that a guy will make the first move in everything (and I virtually mean everything – sex, going out on a date – name it) and to some extent, quite true there but does it really mean the lady can’t make a first move?

Pondering on some thought...
Pondering on some thought…

This post you may think I’m talking about my past love life (which hasn’t been that rosy apart from just one time I was really happy till all hell broke lose), well yeah I am talking about my love life but also am trying to bring out how guys view dating. Over the next few days (or weeks) I will writing on a certain ‘guy-view’ of dating and hope to engage you, ’cause am no specialist in dating, and see if some of the things I will be talking about are really true. But for today, I let out one secret, when a guy gives you his heart, he truly loves you… 

Most ladies may not believe but its actually true; guys hardly give their hearts to just any lady that comes by. Admittedly, I have dated severally and in few cases I gave my heart to those ladies…for the rest, I just played along simply because you’re giving a guy conditions of falling in love with you… For instance, right about now there’s this lovely light-skinned hottie am in love with and I can say in black and white, my heart is with her but…

Ladies, if you really want your guy to be in love with you, just make sure you don’t make it hard for yourself for him to give you his heart, ’cause once he gives u that heart, you’ll just love the guy you’ve gotten yourself…

The smiley happy me...
The smiley happy me…

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  1. I like it, I see that this was posted a while ago now, did you keep on with writing the dating series? I’ve seen quite a few ladies write on the subject so it’s interesting to get a male perspective!

    P.S. Did you change your layout too? I liked your last layout but this one helps me to find your content easier 🙂


    1. victormuto says:

      I guess I will write about it again, soon. This week am pretty tied up with meetings and trainings but I’ll squeeze an article.

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      1. Eek! I know the feeling, life is pretty busy at the moment, makes a blog hard to maintain. Looking forward to the article though.


        1. victormuto says:

          Yea pretty busy. But I’ll try to do one before end of the week

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