Rest In Peace Dear Brother – Fred Mwaura

I hold back my tears as I jolt down this piece, for the loss is so great. I have not only lost a brother but a great friend, Today in the morning, as I read the online newspaper Daily Nation and I was greeted by the horrific news of the merciless attack on Kenyans down coast, in Mpeketoni. At first I was angry that people can just appear and kill at random but I played it cool as I knew and trusted that my government wouldn’t let this go unpunished.

A few minutes ago, my aunt just called me to inform me of the loss of my cousin Fred, who was a pharmacist and was meant to report today in his new job posting at the local hospital but traveled yesterday, only for him to meet his untimely death in the hands of the f****** a******* Now, I am angry and can’t really play it cool, am putting all manner of unmentionable curses/insults in my thoughts but I know it is of no avail. At times, in order to get rid of a mad man, you have to be mad yourself “tooth for tooth” I do support our military incursion into Somalia and if it takes the harshest of violence to squash these f****** I*****c terrorists like bugs, then so be it.



You were a great brother and a true friend, forever you’ll be loved, cherished and missed, and eternity you’ll remain in our hearts

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Norryn says:

    O, dear! take heart Victor! sorry about your loss!


    1. victormuto says:

      thanks my dear


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