My Two Months In Meru: The Experience So Far

Within ten days of my joining the banking industry, I was sent to the famous Meru town, that lies of the north-east side of Mt. Kenya; famous for its herb- Miraa which I came to find out has really transformed this rather small town. But I ain’t writing today about Meru and its businesses, rather on my two months experience been like. In a nutshell, VERY BORING! The town may be very active and full of life but it’s still enveloped in strong cultural beliefs that actually makes it really hard to sample this little town. There was this morning I was walking to town with a certain lady in hand (don’t really ask who) and some old guy passes us with a ugly smack on his face and ends up retorting “hampaswi kushikana mikono, tabia gani mnaonyesha watoto [you aren’t supposed to hold hands, what behavior are portraying to kids]” Like really??? I’m just holding her hand, not that I want to rip her up and eat her.. NKTest! Then there’s the party life. I really don’t want to fully judge ’cause am yet to fully explore the entertainment industry here, but that one time I went to a certain club and this deejay wasn’t even mixing – just doing playback from a video mix! REALLY? All these factors make me miss my small town of Embu; its so cosmopolitan and people have really adapted to the modern way of life, not really being so strict on the cultural values and more so, I miss my crazy friends.

One thing I love about Meru is the women. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! The women are so hot and gorgeous and definitely give the place a hard ass-quake….

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