I was reading today’s Daily Nation newspaper (online of course) and there’s this one story that captivated me a lot and I was feeling all patriotic on the wonderful President we have. I bet we all remember the little girl from Kiambu County that charmed the President during the drama festivals a while back, well she’s now living big and a celeb. She and her family were moved into a new 2-bedroomed house, rent paid fully for two years, courtesy of Team Uhuru including gifts from members of Team Uhuru and the PRESIDENT and her grandmother will be set up for a new business. Apart from that, the grandma will be trained by Equity Bank Kiambu on micro-entrepreneurship to help her take care of her business.

Now the icing on the cake, a FULL SCHOLARSHIP courtesy of Petroc Premier School, a prestige school established in Runyenjes, Embu County that charges Shs.150,000 a year. If you ask me, we should amend our great constitution so that we may have President Uhuru be in office for five terms instead of the usual two; the economic status may be a bit straining but am looking at it on a long term basis…great people see far not just now and with President Uhuru, our economy will be very far in the long term.



Read the story:

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  1. Bettie Mwema says:

    i was touched by the plight of the girl and her talent too,,,, she is so bold and amazing we thank God for our president..


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