My Rotaract Experience

First of all, my apologies I never announced my new entry into the banking industry. Yes. I’m now a member of K-Rep Bank in the great town of Meru as a Service Delivery Officer, but that’s not why am blogging. Apart from getting the job, one great thing that has happened in my life is being a Charter Member of the Rotaract Club of Embu. When I joined, it wasn’t all rosy because my parents were against it saying that it will simply waste my time and my money but they didn’t seem to understand the key benefits accrued from just being a member. Well, my success story now, partly is because am a proud Rotaractor. This job I got it partly because am qualified, and partly because am a Rotaractor and there’s no other greater benefit than this to any Rotaractor out there.

Rotaract is all about developing your own profession and serving others above ourselves. My club, #TeamRCE (that’s what my club call themselves) is comprised of 25 guys all with different professions but we’ve been able to develop each and every member’s profession through weekly professional talks and I know of several members who have gotten jobs through these talks. I remember when the club secretary, Emily, who is a HR professional, talked on tips of succeeding in an interview and coincidently, the following week I was in an interview (for this job) and I passed. Same case with other members.

The success stories for other Rotaractors whom I know is far much greater than mine.. I know of a Rotaractor, from Rotaract Club of Ssesse Islands who earns a huge salary and he got this simply because he’s a Rotaractor. The current Country Rotaract Treasurer (Kenya) has a job because he’s a Rotaractor. Visit most clubs in Nairobi and you won’t miss one or two Rotaractors who have jobs because of simply being Rotaractors.

So you out there and hustling for a job, why not join a Rotaract club near you? It may not be a guarantee you’ll a job there and then, but the Rotaract experience is definitely worth it. And if you are in Embu, #TeamRCE is definitely the club to join. To contact the club, go to and like our Facebook page and we’ll definitely contact you.



Rotaractor Victor Muto,

Charter Member & International Service Director


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